Diary of a Life Less Sweet 

Siblings of children with diabetes will identify with this Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Winner as big sister deals with her little brother’s condition. Support materials provide information for parents, caregivers, and educators. 

Crystal Rivera wrote and published Diary of a Life Less Sweet at 12 years old. It is her first book. Crystal says, “Even when you feel left out or sad, don’t be afraid to tell someone how you feel. It usually turns out that he or she has gone through something similar. Remember: You’re never alone. Don’t let anything stand in your way!”

Author, Finn, Goes Electric
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Babies Love Cookies! 
Cookies Cookies By Finnoula Louise
This 4-month-old baby is having a wonderful reaction to her favorite book, Cookie Cookies by Finnoula Louise. It is never too young to engage children in books and begin to build a lifetime of reading enthusiasm.
Books for Babies and Beyond
These Mom's Choice Awards® winners by 9-year-old author Finnoula Louise are a perfect books for babies, toddlers, and emergent readers. The colorful pictures and whimsical themes engages kids, while the playful text is something to which children relate.
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