About Woodglen Publishing
Woodglen Publishing offers writing, editing, managing, 
production, and publishing services to large publishers and 
self-publishers of books, websites, and software. Our expert 
services are customized to meet your needs.

Are you an author with a great idea?

We will help organize your materials and prepare them for publishing into a book. Our editors work directly with you to help make the best possible book. 

Publish with us and we can provide marketing and distribution services, including an online store coming soon! Or, take your print-ready book to others for publication and sale.

Are you developing educational materials?

Our expertise in developing educational books and other materials will help you meet your deadlines.

Specializing in:

 Project Management

 Writing and editing 
    K-12 mathematics

 Writing and editing
    K-12 science

 Writing and editing
    college-level science

ltimedia programs
    and Web sites

Are you a school needing to 

publish or purchase materials?

We work with you to develop or provide user-friendly, professional books, activities, and other materials.

Specializing in:

 Parent information

 Web site content

 Data Organization /

 School brochures


 Assessment and

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